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Tobias Hahne gets another GN Labs Signature Series entry in Gluco Rapid

gn labs gluco rapid

At this year’s FIBO Expo in Cologne, Germany, GN Labs launched a line of supplements put together in partnership with its athletes. There is the testosterone booster Mr. M Boosterkeit from Steve Benthin, the intra-workout Infusion from Tobias Hahne, and the pre-workout Time For War from Adolf Burkhard.

For November, GN Labs has introduced the first new addition to its Signature Series after releasing it earlier this year. The fourth entry into the lineup is another product put together in partnership with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Tobias Hahne. The name of the supplement is Gluco Rapid, which is a glucose disposal agent.

Like most other competitors in the complex GDA category, GN Labs Gluco Rapid is formulated to help your body utilize carbohydrates more efficiently. This can lead to benefits in areas such as physical energy, muscle recovery, and fat loss.

Fans of GDA type products will likely be familiar with the ingredients GN Labs has packed into its fourth Signature Series supplement. Tobias Hahne’s new Gluco Rapid comes with half a gram each of cinnamon and bitter melon, 100mg of R-ALA, 150mcg of chromium, and 300mg each of berberine and banaba.

As per usual, the latest product from GN Labs is now available from the brand’s fellow German supplement retailer, Gigas Nutrition. The Signature Series Gluco Rapid comes with the usual 30 servings per bottle and will cost you €19.90 (21.94 USD) each.