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iSatori previews its first entirely new supplement in quite some time

isatori test x50 ultra

The last time we saw anything entirely new from the team at iSatori was back at the beginning of last year with the fairly straightforward Ultra CLA + Omega. Since then, the brand has dropped some new flavors for its liquid carnitine, although once again, nothing entirely for the iSatori lineup.

This weekend the brand has finally previewed an all-new product with the men’s health formula Test-X5 Ultra. It is promising to be an all-around type supplement featuring ingredients to support testosterone, cognition, mood, libido, and lean muscle.

We don’t know what any of the ingredients are in iSatori’s Test-X5 Ultra just yet, although we suspect it’ll have quite the variety with the benefits its promoting. The brand has also not given any sort of time frame on when its comprehensive product is due to launch, only that it is coming soon.