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Alpha Lion confirms a new Komodo Pump flavor for Cyber Monday

mango veiniac komodo pump

For Cyber Monday, in just over one week from now, Alpha Lion will be adding another flavor option to its newest stimulant-free pre-workout Komodo Pump V2. The supplement hit the market in April of this year and is a hybrid formula of sorts designed to improve pumps, like most stim-free pre-workouts, as well as enhance focus.

Currently, fans of Alpha Lion can find Komodo pump in the same two flavors it initially launched in, with the blueberry mojito recipe Blue Steel, and the peach rings creation Peach Pumps. Due to join the two originals on the 2nd of December is a creative mango strawberry sherbet flavor named Mango Veiniac.

Being that Alpha Lion plans on releasing Mango Veiniac Komodo Pump on Cyber Monday, you can almost guarantee it’ll launch with some sort of deal. The brand did already confirm it’ll be dropping a limited Santa Sauce Superhuman Supreme on Black Friday, so next weekend is definitely going to be a busy time for Alpha Lion.

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