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MusclePharm unveils two new lower-calorie Protein Candies flavors

musclepharm protein candies crunchy and peanut butter

Protein Candies is a delicious M&M’s like treat from the team at MusclePharm that is infused with a reasonable amount of protein at 10g per bag. The product is high in carbohydrates and calories as well as protein, although the product makes up for all of that by tasting just like actual M&M’s.

MusclePharm has now announced that it has put together two all-new flavors of its delicious protein treat that actually bring a little more than just new experiences. The upcoming Protein Candies options are both chocolate-themed with Chocolate Peanut and a Crispy M&M’s like Crunchy Chocolate.

The new flavors of Protein Candies both pack 10g of protein per bag, like the original; however, what makes them that extra bit different is that they’re lower in carbohydrates and calories.

Instead of 32g of carbs, the Chocolate Peanut and Crunchy Chocolate have 26g per bag with 22g of that being sugar in the Chocolate Peanut flavor and 25g in Crunchy Chocolate. Their fat total is also slightly higher at 12 to 14g, but the overall calorie count is still noticeably lower at 250 as opposed to 280.

MusclePharm has said an official launch date for both of its Chocolate Peanut and Crunchy Chocolate Protein Candies would be announced sometime soon. In the meantime, if you have yet to try the original Milk Chocolate Protein Candies, you can grab them from GNC at $24.99 for a box of 12 bags.