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Myprotein celebrates World Vegan Month with a discounted bundle

myprotein world vegan bundle

In celebration of World Vegan Month, which is the month of November, in the UK, Myprotein has put together containing two of its tasty plant-based products. The stack consists of two items, the international brand’s Vegan Protein Blend and its edible Vegan Protein Cookie, plus a steel shaker bottle.

Seperately, the supplements in Myprotein’s World Vegan Month Bundle would cost £16.99 for a box of the cookies, £14.99 for the protein its 500g size, and £8.99 for the shaker. All together that is £40.97, however in the stack you’ll save about 25% and get the whole lot for £29.69 (38.40 USD).

To make the celebratory World Vegan Month Bundle even more worth while, Myprotein has a sale on right now that drops the stack substantially lower. For a limited time you can save 40% on all of the brand’s Myvegan products, which discounts the bundle to just £17.81 (23.03 USD).