Optimum introduces a fresh new look for Gold Standard 100% Whey

Nov 13th, 2019
optimum nutrition new gold standard whey branding

The legacy supplement company, Optimum Nutrition, has introduced an all-new look for its most known product, the protein powder Gold Standard 100% Whey. The updated branding features a more modern layout and design, although while it is different, Optimum has managed to hold on to that classic Gold Standard feel.

The supplement company has also added a few callouts to the front of Gold Standard Whey, making it a little clearer what its benefits and highlights are. The brand is, of course, keeping everything on the inside of the legendary protein powder the same, with 24g of protein from whey and 110 to 130 calories depending on the flavor.

“ON has been a leader in sports nutrition for more than thirty years and we are proud of our history,” Sarah Teeter, director of marketing for Optimum Nutrition. “But we are a brand that constantly innovates and breaks new ground, and our packaging now better reflects our role on the leading edge of sports nutrition.”

While Optimum Nutrition’s fresh new look is currently only on Gold Standard Whey, it is being rolled out across the rest of the brand’s massive lineup throughout 2020. The brand’s website as well as its Amazon listing for Gold Standard Whey has already been updated to reflect the protein powder’s all-new branding.