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Redcon1 unveils its convenient, whey-based meal formula Ration Pack

redcon1 ration pack

Redcon1 has bumped up its total number of products launching on Black Friday to seven, with the unveiling of an entirely new supplement named Ration Pack. The other six items the brand has planned for the day are new flavors of already available products, including a Pumpkin Pie MRE and Peanut Butter Jelly MRE Bar.

The upcoming Redcon1 Ration Pack is sort of an on-the-go clash between the brand’s meal formula MRE and its similarly named and cost-effective protein powder, Ration.

The all-new Ration Pack is a whey powered, meal replacement supplement, bringing together a complete balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates into convenient single-serving sachets. It is essentially the same kind of concept as MRE, but it uses whey as its source of protein, and it comes in packets as opposed to a big tub of powder.

redcon1 ration pack

Redcon1’s newest creation packs 40g of protein per serving from whey; the same carbohydrate blend as MRE made up of oats, yam, and sweet potato; and healthy fats for a total of 290 calories. Ration Pack is releasing in two flavors, one from MRE’s menu in Blueberry Cobbler, and one from Ration in Cookies & Cream.

Once again, Redcon1 Ration Pack is due to launch this coming Friday for the best day to shop all year long with Black Friday. The convenient meal replacement product will be available through the brand’s online store in boxes of 20 single-serving sachets, alongside the undoubtedly huge promotion it has planned.