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Cellucor teases the second entry in its Project Clear Evolution Series

next c4 project clear evolution

C4 Extreme was already confirmed as the first of many Project Clear Evolution Series supplements from Cellucor, which hit the market earlier this year. All of the products in the line are said to have a heavy focus on label transparency as well as have no artificial colors or flavors.

Cellucor has now started teasing its second Project Clear Evolution Series supplement, although as per usual, to start things off, the brand is being very vague. All we know right now is that another Project Clear Evolution product is coming, we don’t know what its name is or what type it is.

Much like C4 Extreme, the next Project Clear Evolution Series release will be a new version of a previously released Cellucor supplement. While that is an exciting clue, the brand does have quite a variety of products in its lineup, so there are a number of things it could be.

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