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Six Star introduces a ProHydrolase enhanced isolate protein powder

six star whey isolate

The simply named Whey Isolate is the newest protein powder from Six Star Pro Nutrition that is about as straightforward as its sounds. The supplement is powered by lean, high-quality, and fast-absorbing whey isolate to provide a strong 26g of protein in each of its 1.4lb tub’s 20 servings.

The rest of Six Star’s Whey Isolate nutrition profile is made up of 1 to 2g of carbohydrates depending on the flavor, less than a gram of sugar and fat, and 110 to 120 calories. The widely available brand has launched the protein powder in two traditional tastes with Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla Cream.

There is one other feature to Six Star Pro Nutrition’s all-new Whey Isolate, which is that it’s infused with the ProHydrolase enzyme blend to enhance absorption. The product can now be found at a Walmart near you, and can also be purchased from the brand’s website at $26.99 per tub.