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Sparta teams up with ICEE for two flavors of its upcoming pre-workout

sparta nutrition pre-workout

Sparta Nutrition has completely unveiled the first of many supplements that are a part of its upcoming rebrand and relaunch. The item introduced today is the category named Sparta Nutrition Pre-Workout, which was an area of the market the brand previously competed in with its widely available Kraken.

Sparta Nutrition’s Pre-Workout is due to launch this Friday through the brand’s website, then select retail partners in the weeks to follow. The product is going to be available with 20 full-servings per tub; then on the flavor side, the brand will be treating fans and followers with a very creative collaboration.

sparta nutrition pre-workout

Authentic ICEE flavors

The team at Sparta Nutrition has teamed up with the hugely popular frozen beverage ICEE, for two special collaboration flavors of its stimulant powered pre-workout. There is Blue Raspberry ICEE and Cherry ICEE, both of which aim to provide that classic ICEE experience.

“The nostalgic feeling of going to the movie theater and being able to indulge in a delicious ICEE® is a memory that is associated to my youth. In partnering with The ICEE® company, the goal was to bring that experience to life through our authentic collaboration. Needless to say, I am proud that we hit the target spot on,” Murtaza Khawaja, CEO of Sparta Nutrition.

Full formula

The facts panel for the new Sparta Nutrition Pre-Workout can be seen above featuring ingredients for increased energy and enhanced mental focus, as well as improved pumps and performance.

sparta nutrition pre-workout

The well-rounded supplement comes with highlights such as pure citrulline at 4g for pumps, 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance and endurance, and 2g of tyrosine. There is also a good amount of ingredients for energy and focus, including 100mg of NeuroFactor, 300mg of caffeine, and 100mg of pure Dynamine.