Sweat Ethic shares a preview of its upcoming pre-workout Blitz’d

Nov 7th, 2019
sweat ethic blitz d preview

Over the past month or so, Sweat Ethic has dropped several entirely new supplements, with all of their details being shared at launch. This week the brand has previewed another new product, although this time around, it is teasing it first, only revealing its name, category, and its primary benefits.

The next new supplement coming down the pipeline from Sweat Ethic is a full dose pre-workout for the brand’s more advanced Sport Series, called Blitz’d. The product will have a reasonably sized 13.2g serving with ingredients and dosages for a complete mix of effects, including energy, focus, power, and pumps.

Sweat Ethic plans on releasing Blitz’d in roughly two weeks through its website. It’ll have the usual 30 servings per tub and two tastes to choose from in Blue Rush and Raspberry Swarm. As for the formula behind Blitz’d, that is due to be unveiled a little earlier than launch at the start of next week.