Special edition Outright Protein Bar for Black Friday will be a toffee flavor

Nov 13th, 2019
toffee outright protein bar

Marc Lobliner recently announced that for Black Friday this year, he is doing something extra special with both MTS Nutrition and his functional food brand Outright. There are going to be two limited edition flavors from MTS with one each for Machine Whey and Fuel, and one from Outright for its signature protein bar.

While the MTS Nutrition flavors of yet to be revealed, this week Marc Lobliner has announced the limited edition creation for the melt-in-your-mouth, Outright Protein Bar. The product is going to be a delicious Toffee Peanut Butter flavor packing a solid 17g of protein and of course, made with only real food ingredients.

Once again, Marc Lobliner is releasing his Toffee Outright Protein Bar exclusively for Black Friday, which is now just two weeks away. Being that the launch is taking place on Black Friday, we have to imagine the product will be available with some sort of deal, so be sure to stay tuned for details on that.

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