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Muscle Sport reveals its limited Lean Whey flavor dropping on Black Friday

xmas cookie dough lean whey

Muscle Sport has finally revealed the upcoming, Christmas-themed flavor of its great-tasting protein powder Lean Whey. The product teased the product twice over the past week or so revealing that it is inspired by the holiday season and is due to launch on the major sales day, Black Friday.

The latest flavor Muscle Sport has put together for its flagship protein powder is a cookie type creation as suspected with Xmas Cookie Dough Lean Whey. The product comes with Christmassy pieces throughout the powder as well as an alternative label filled with Christmas lights and decorations.

Once again, Muscle Sport plans on launching its limited edition Xmas Cookie Dough Lean Whey in just over three weeks on Black Friday. The brand does tend to go pretty big for the annual sales event, so you can expect to see some sort of sale alongside the next limited Lean Whey flavor.