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Yummy Sports’ protein powder ISO gets its first consumer inspired flavor

yummy sports cinnamon bun iso

Yummy Sports has put together an all-new, limited edition option of its flavor marketed protein powder ISO, which actually got its inspiration from a fan. The brand’s newest creation is a Cinnamon Bun ISO that is said to feature the delicious flavors of cinnamon, icing, and butter baked buns.

The limited-edition Cinnamon Bun ISO is now available from the Yummy Sports website in a small 1lb bag size with 15 servings, each packing 27g of protein. As mentioned, the new flavor is inspired by a fan of the brand, and is in fact, just the first of many consumer-inspired ISO flavors.

Yummy Sports has confirmed it plans on putting together more products like this, getting fans involved in the process like never before. Regardless of what flavor any of those future consumer-inspired products end up being, like Cinnamon Bun, they will be limited and come in a 1lb bag.