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Beyond Yourself previews its loaded pre-workout SuperSet with a 30g serving

beyond yourself superset

Beyond Yourself has previewed an all-new product for the competitive world of pre-workouts, and so far, it’s looking like a solid supplement. While the Canadian brand has not revealed everything about the upcoming item just yet, it has shared a few details, and those are what have us intrigued as well as excited.

The name of the new pre-workout from Beyond Yourself is SuperSet, and it is going to feature a heavy 30g serving size, which means it has plenty of room for great dosages. The few features the brand has confirmed for the product include 4g of the performance enhancer beta-alanine as well as 750mg of the leucine metabolite HICA.

The pump boosting ingredients citrulline and agmatine are also in the mix at 9g and 1.47g, respectively, as well as caffeine at a reasonable 300mg per serving. Beyond Yourself has said there are still plenty of other features in SuperSet yet to be revealed, and we certainly believe that since as mentioned, it has a huge 30g serving size.

Beyond Yourself’s promising new pre-workout SuperSet is expected to be showing up in stores and stockists in Canada, over the next few weeks. The loaded supplement is going to be hitting shelves with three flavors to choose from in Blue Freeze, Tangy Peach Ringz, and the Bomb Pop-themed creation Red, White, and Boom.