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BFIXX combines peanuts with egg for an extra high protein nut butter

bfixx nutegg

BFIXX is a brand based in Turkey that has traveled across to the UAE to introduce its brand to the 1000s of visitors attending the Dubai Muscle Show. While BFIXX is a Turkish brand, half of its products are made in Italy with an impressively high protein bar and a biscuit treat packed full of rich chocolate.

The up and coming company has, in fact, brought a product to the Dubai Muscle Show that you won’t find on its website just yet. The new item is small and large pots of smooth peanut butter, however, to separate it from the many other nut butter out there, BFIXX has infused this one with egg albumin.

Thanks to its inclusion of egg, BFIXX’s product is much higher in protein than your usual peanut butter with 12g of protein per 30g serving. Its other macros include 4.2g of carbohydrates with only 1.44g of that sugar, 14.4g of fat, and a total of 185.4 calories.