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Five brands in the running for our Brand Of The Year Award

stack3d brand of the year

After naming the nominees for our Newcomer, Functional Food, and International Brand Of The Year Awards, today we are announcing the brands in the running for our overall Brand Of The Year Award. This is our original and longest-running supplement company award that has been won by brands such as MAN, ANS Performance, and Redcon1.

Our Brand Of The Year Award is all about brands that delivered exciting, effective, creative, and engaging new products, flavors, and events consistently throughout the year. All of the supplement companies nominated for this year’s Brand Of The Year did precisely that, and there were a few others, although we’ve kept our list of nominees to five.

Brand Of The Year Nominees

  • Ghost
  • Nutrabio
  • Redcon1
  • Bowmar
  • Inspired

Once again, all of the brands nominated, exhibited what we look for in the winner of our Brand Of The Year Award. They filled 2019 with exciting new supplements, flavors, and fun promotions and events. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be judging all of our Brand Of The Year categories and announcing the winners within the first two weeks of the new year.

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