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Dwayne Johnson reveals he is coming out with an energy drink in 2020

dwayne johnson energy drink

The international icon Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, already shocked the fitness community earlier this year when he announced his fitness and wellness event Athleticon, launching in October of 2020. Johnson has now shared news of something even more exciting, announcing that he is getting into the energy drink game in 2020.

In a post to social media, Dwayne Johnson says “… I’ve been working on the highest of quality of DJ ENERGY DRINKS that we’ll deliver to you all in 2020.” Over the past couple of years, that market has seen the launch of some great new competitors, including a few from the supplement world, and it looks like that’ll continue in the new year.

termana tequila

The mysterious new energy drink is actually not going to be the only beverage we’ll see in 2020 from Dwayne Johnson. Over the past year or so, Johnson has been working on Teremana Tequila for launch in March, which aims to deliver great-tasting and high-quality hand-crafted tequila.

While we don’t know what kind of energy drink we’re in for from Dwayne Johnson, whether it be high performance, pre-workout-like, or more traditional, we’re excited to see the final product. With the massive following and reach that Johnson has, we don’t imagine the beverage having any trouble making some noise.

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