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At least five more flavors planned for RYSE’s Loaded Protein in 2020

fruity crunch loaded protein

Roughly one month after it previewed the product, the lifestyle brand RYSE has launched the newest flavor of its protein powder, Loaded Protein. That flavor is another cereal-themed creation with Fruity Crunch, which now sits alongside the original two, Cinnamon Toast and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

As interesting as the arrival of Fruity Crunch Loaded Protein is, that’s not the only excitement RYSE has shared this month. Alongside the new addition to the supplement’s menu, the brand has announced that in the next 12 months, it will be adding at least five more flavors to Loaded Protein, which should make for a fun 2020.

It is worth highlighting that RYSE is saying “5 new protein flavors at least”, meaning, there is the chance we actually get more than that. For now, you can grab the Fruity Crunch Loaded Protein from the brand’s online store at the product’s usual 27 serving tub price of $39.99.