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Newest Got7 snack infuses white chocolate peanut clusters with whey

got7 nutrition protein peanut towers

While some brands have been winding things down for the end of the year, that has not been the case for the creative Got7 Nutrition. The German functional brand has been busier than ever over the past few months, introducing three entirely new products and twice that in new flavors for previously released items.

Today we have Got7 Nutrition back in the headlines with details of yet another entirely new snack in Protein Peanut Towers. What this product is exactly, is a jar of peanut clusters, each coated in sweet and delicious white chocolate.

As per the name of the latest Got7 Nutrition snack, the Protein Peanut Towers are infused with whey to give it that extra amount of protein. An entire jar of the product provides 21.25g of protein, 18.7g of carbohydrates with about 4g of that sugar, 38.25g of fat, and a total number of calories sitting at 495.

Based on the macros of Got7 Nutrition’s Protein Peanut Towers, it definitely falls more on the treat side of snacks, especially compared to your more typical bar. You do get around the same amount of protein as a lot of protein bars; however, the carbohydrates and fat push its calories well beyond that familiar 200 to 220.

If you would like to purchase Protein Peanut Towers, you can grab it starting this week from Got7 Nutrition’s online store at a very reasonable price of €2.69 (2.99 USD).