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Max Effort puts it to a vote again for its next flavor of Tri Blend Protein

max effort fudge brownie tri blend protein

Following on from the bracket challenge it did earlier this month to decide the next flavor of its pre-workout, Max Effort Muscle is now doing the same thing for its protein powder. Over the past few days, the brand has been asking fans to vote on what one of the flavors provided they would like to see most for Max Effort’s Tri Blend Protein.

After several rounds, the direct-to-consumer brand is down to the final two tastes, and they are Fudge Brownie and Blueberry Muffin. Max Effort Muscle is now taking votes on the two in a story over on its Instagram account, where we’ve already been and played our part by putting a vote in for a Fudge Brownie Tri-Blend Protein.

We’re not sure when Max Effort Muscle’s voting closes, but seeing as stories only last 24 hours, we imagine we’ll be finding out which potential Tri Blend Protein flavor won, very soon.