Introducing Muscle Up and its original sweet potato protein bars

Dec 30th, 2019
muscle up sweet potato protein bar

Muscle Up is a functional food brand that proudly promotes itself being the makers of the first-ever sweet potato protein bar. The brand prides itself on its ingredients, promising that every bar contains two to three times more protein than sugar, is made with grass-fed whey to give it that high amount of protein and, of course, sweet potato.

Currently, Muscle Up’s lineup consists of three protein bars, two of which are made with whey, as mentioned above. They are separated by their flavors and a few ingredients with Peanut Butter & Cacao Nibs, and Cacao & Vanilla. The former is made with peanut butter, while the latter is not, although their nutrition profiles are not too different.

muscle up sweet potato protein bar

Each of Muscle Up’s whey powered bars provides 15g of protein, 26 to 31g of carbohydrates with 7 to 8g of that sugar, 8 to 10g of fat, for the same amount of calories at 230.

As for Muscle Up’s third protein snack, that’s not made with whey; it is a collagen-based bar, available in a Double Chocolate Espresso flavor. This one is made with cashew butter, organic cocoa, sweet potato, and espresso beans, and provides a similar set of macros as the others with 18g of protein, 23g of carbs, 5g of sugar, 11g of fat, and 230 calories.

muscle up sweet potato protein bar

For more information on Muscle Up and to purchase any of its three sweet potato-fueled protein bars, head on over to its website at Through there you can grab a box of 12 of the brand’s snack, whether it be the whey or collagen version, for $36.95, or there is a bulk option with three boxes at $105, which is a small saving of 5%.