Nutrex’s new fat fueled gel pack arrives in time for its Cyber Monday sale

Dec 2nd, 2019
nutrex lipo 6 keto fatgel

Nutrex’s all-new and rather unique Lipo 6 product, Lipo 6 Keto goFAT Gel, is now available to order after being announced just less than one week ago. The brand’s latest creation is an on-the-go, gel formula with healthy fats for fuel, choline for focus, the weight loss ingredient carnitine, and caffeine for energy.

All of the features making up Nutrex’s Lipo 6 Keto goFAT Gel come wrapped up in a non-transparent proprietary blend, so we don’t know the exact dosages of each ingredient except for one. The caffeine is the one compound with a confirmed amount at 25mg per pack, and we also know the fat sources provide a combined 3.5g of fat.

Nutrex’s online store at is one of the first places stocking the all-new Lipo 6 Keto goFAT Gel at $2.95 per pack or $29.85 for a box of 12 in either Acai or Mixed Berry flavors. If, however, you order today, you can take advantage of Nutrex’s Cyber Monday sale and get the new goFAT gel for as low as $19.40 per box.

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