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Obvi’s collagen protein is getting a Cheerios-like flavor before the new year

obvi honey os cereal super collagen protein

The bright and colorful collagen brand Obvi has doubled the number of flavors it has available for its flagship collagen formula since it hit the market. The supplement now has four cereal-themed flavors to choose from in Cocoa Cereal, Frosted Cereal, and the originals, Fruity Cereal and Cinna Cereal.

In the coming weeks, before we enter the new year, Obvi plans on taking the menu of Super Collagen Protein to a total of five with a flavor that’s said to taste just like the popular cereal Cheerios. The brand has called the promising creation Honey’Os Cereal, and it is going to be available in a 30 serving tub size.

Obvi has already added its Honey’Os Cereal Super Collagen Protein to its website in preparation for its upcoming arrival. Through there, you can actually give the brand your email or mobile number, and it’ll let you know as soon as the product is in stock.

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