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Redcon1 announces a pair of Christmas-themed flavors for MRE Lite

gingerbread mre lite

Redcon1 continues to jam more new releases into the month of December, with its list of new products coming in the next few weeks already sitting at a total of five. The Stack3d Certified brand has now added more to that list with another two flavors for its MRE spin-off, the animal-based protein powder, MRE Lite.

Both of Redcon1’s upcoming flavors are limited edition and themed around the season of giving. The intriguing new options for MRE Lite are Peppermint Bark and Gingerbread, with both featuring the product’s usual formula. That’ll include 24g of protein per serving from a blend of beef, salmon, chicken, and egg protein.

Unlike Redcon1’s other five new products, it has not said when fans are going to be able to get their hands on Peppermint Bark and Gingerbread MRE Lite. Based on the kind of flavors they are, however, we have to imagine they’ll be out and available in time for Christmas, which is now just two weeks away.

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