Performix infuses its signature SST fat burner with molecular hydrogen

Dec 16th, 2019
performix sst h2

Following the release of its all-new testosterone booster Supermale H2, Performix has launched the newest version of its long-running SST weight loss supplement named SST H2. Much like the new Supermale, SST H2 features a tri-phase system to deliver a variety of ingredients both immediately and over a sustained period of time.


Much like the many iterations of SST before it, Performix’s new SST H2 is a product primarily built to support fat loss. It comes with ingredients to enhance metabolism, boost mental focus, and provide long-lasting, all-day energy. As per the “H2” part of its name, the supplement is also infused with a molecular hydrogen blend for performance, ATP support, and lactic acid buffering.


The formula behind Performix’s SST H2 is mostly non-transparent, with just a few of its ingredients listed with their exact dosages such as caffeine, TeaCrine, and lion’s mane. It does come with a tri-phase delivery system, so it has different sets of ingredients that are grouped into different parts of the product’s complex capsule.

performix sst h2

There is SST H2’s carrier oil matrix with a 603mg blend of fish oil, MCT oil, d-limonene, and rosemary. Next up is Performix’s above mentioned molecular hydrogen blend featuring 136mg of ionic elemental and trace minerals.

The third and final part of the formula behind Performix’s SST H2 is where the supplement gets all of its energy, focus, and metabolic benefits from. In that department, you get a 514mg blend of caffeine at 300mg, Capsimax, TeaCrine, a light dose of the nootropic lion’s mane, coleus forskohlii, berberine, yohimbe, black pepper for better absorption, and finally, huperzine A.

Where to buy

The all-new SST H2 is now available for purchase alongside Performix’s other new product Supermale H2, over at the brand’s major retail partner GNC. The supplement is currently the most expensive fat burner from the brand at GNC with a price of $69.99 for a 30 serving bottle, which is $10 more than SST V2X and $20 more than the regular SST.