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Priority continues with its seven ingredient theme for its hybrid Neuro Test

priority nutrition neuro test

Neuro Test is the next new supplement from Priority Nutrition that brings together two types of products with a testosterone booster and focus formula. The upcoming Neuro Test is due to release very early in the new year. It will be the brand’s fourth supplement overall alongside Dream Task, Happy Project, and its first-ever launch, Burn Agenda.

Just like all of Priority Nutrition’s other products, Neuro Test comes with exactly seven transparently dosed ingredients to deliver on all of its promises. The list of benefits the brand promotes for the upcoming supplement include increased mental focus, improved libido, estrogen and organ detoxification support, and boosted testosterone.

priority nutrition neuro test

As for the combination of ingredients behind Neuro Test, while it is a hybrid supplement, the majority of its formula is made up of common testosterone boosting ingredients. The product packs 50mg each of methionine and DHEA, 200mg each of DIM and longjack, 750mg of tribulus, 600mg of fenugreek, and huperzine A for the focus side of things.

As mentioned, Priority Nutrition is planning to release Neuro Test early on in 2020, and we do mean early, as it’s actually due to arrive in less than a week. The brand is going to make the product available for purchase through just four days into the new year on the 4th, which is, of course, this coming Saturday.