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Meal replacement Ration Pack due to arrive within the next few weeks

redcon1 ration pack

In the lead up to Redcon1’s Black Friday celebration, it announced several new products that would be available for the big day. That list was mostly made up of flavors of previously released supplements such as a Peanut Butter Jelly MRE Bar, but it did also include an entirely new item in Ration Pack.

Originally Redcon1 had planned to launch its convenient meal replacement Ration Pack on Black Friday; however, it didn’t end up being ready in time. For those of you that were wondering what’s happening with the product, the brand has not forgotten about it, and it is still coming soon.

Redcon1 now plans to release Ration Pack sometime this month, and since we’re already through the first week of December, that’s basically within the next three weeks. For full details on Redcon1’s Ration Pack, including macros, flavors, and ingredients, you can check out our post from last month.