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Sneak makes a 60kg ice sculpture to determine when to launch its new flavor

sneak blizzard ice block

The gaming supplement company Sneak has taken the launch of the next new flavor of its energy and focus formula Blizzard, to another level. The brand has frozen the upcoming product in a giant block of ice weighing in at a colossal 60kg, that’s also shaped after Sneak’s bunny and text logo.

You may be wondering just why the brand has done this, and as mentioned, it’s all connected to the release of its new Blizzard flavor. What’s happening is Sneak is waiting for the ice sculpture to melt. When that process eventually completes, the brand will then make the product available.

There is no telling when Sneak’s awesome ice sculpture will melt completely, although the brand is keeping fans in the loop on Instagram. Sneak is sharing regular updates via Instagram stories on where the 60kg ice logo is at, which should give us some idea on time when it nears the end.

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