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USN releases a Red Fury version of its high energy Qhush Spike X300

usn qhush spike x300 red fury

Qhush is a special edition flavor of USN’s energy drink Spike X300 from its South African line that was put together in partnership with the South African football club, the Orlando Pirates. The product gets its name from the sound a can of Spike X300 makes when you crack it open for the first time.

USN has now released a spin-off of Qhush Spike X300 featuring the same 300mg of caffeine for energy and zero sugar. It is a red-colored product called Red Fury Qhush Spike X300 that comes with a different taste compared to the original, although the brand has not shared any description for it.

USN is telling fans to be on the lookout for the Red Fury Qhush Spike X300 in stores, suggesting it is on shelves now, if not, then very soon.