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Newcomer VNDL Project set to start taking pre-orders on Boxing Day

vndl project vandal pre-workout

VNDL Project is a bright new supplement company out of Canada that is not on the market just yet, but will be making its first product available for pre-order on Boxing Day. VNDL is planning to launch itself with only the one supplement to start in the stimulant powered and self-titled pre-workout competitor, Vandal.

Like most newcomers to the industry, VNDL Project’s upcoming product will feature a fully transparent formula with a handful of reliable and well-dosed pre-workout ingredients. Following the full release of the brand, it plans on sharing informative videos covering the science of its supplements as well as open and honest third-party testing.

The full combination of ingredients behind VNDL Project’s pre-workout Vandal can be seen below. The product includes the energizing features 300mg of caffeine, 130mg of Infinergy, and a gram of pomegranate. Vandal also has four ingredients for focus with 2g of tyrosine, 250mg of lemon balm, 150mg of rhodiola, and 300mg of choline.

vndl project vandal pre-workout

The last few features of Vandal from VNDL Project are in the mix to support performance as well as pumps. Rounding out the pre-workout formula is a heavy 6g of pure citrulline, 300mg of grape seed, 1.5g of taurine, and 750mg of agmatine.

Once again, VNDL Project plans on making its first-ever supplement, the pre-workout Vandal, available for pre-order in two days from now on Boxing Day. An entire tub of the product will come with 20 full servings or 40 half serving, and four flavors to choose from in Cherry Slushie, New Zealand Kiwi, Squeezed Citrus, and Royal Lemonade.