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XXL shrinks down its High Protein Bar and improves its flavor and build

xxl nutrition high protein bar

The European supplement retailer XXL Nutrition has updated its High Protein Bar, from its own extensive and growing line of products. XXL’s popular snack has received a number of changes, most noticeably that it’s now almost half the size of the original, weighing only 50g.

The nutrition profile for XXL Nutrition’s revamped High Protein Bar 2.0 starts with a strong 25g of protein, followed by 10.5g of carbs, less than a gram of sugar, 5.5g of fat, all for 178 calories per bar. The macro balance is similar to its predecessor, but as mentioned is now in a much smaller size.

One other noteworthy change for XXL Nutrition’s protein snack is that it’s improved the eating experience. Just like the first High Protein Bar, the High Protein Bar 2.0 comes in the one Chocolate flavor, which is said to have a better taste and build compared to its predecessor.

The new High Protein Bar is now available for purchase directly from XXL Nutrition’s European website at €1.69 (1.88USD) for a single bar or €27.95 (31.12USD) for a box of 20.

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