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Alpha Lion releases Cheetah Burn PM and Thermo capsules with 30% off

alpha lion cheetah burn pm and capsules

As promised yesterday, Alpha Lion has launched two more weight loss supplements under the Cheetah name with Cheetah Burn PM and Cheetah Burn Thermo capsules. Both of the products are now available through the brand’s online store at the same price of $49 each for a full-size bottle, with enough capsules for the usual 30 servings.

Cheetah Burn PM

Alpha Lion’s Cheetah Burn PM is the most entirely new supplement of the two releases, as it is not like any of the other Cheetahs on the market. It features a stimulant-free blend of ingredients to support stress and anxiety as well as improved quality of sleep and help burning fat while you enjoy that improved sleep.

cheetah burn pm

Cheetah Burn PM comes with a fully transparent formula consisting of KSM-66 ashwagandha at a solid 600mg per serving, 200mg of theanine, and 300mg of 5-HTP. Alpha has also included several common sleep support ingredients with half a gram of GABA, valerian root, and melatonin, with BioPerine in the mix as well to improve absorption.

Cheetah Burn Thermo capsules

As for the new version of Cheetah Burn Thermo, it was originally said to be a capsule alternative to the original Cheetah powder. Regarding their formulas and benefits, they are fairly similar but do have some key differences. For example, the original powder has a combined 2.25g of carnitine from two sources, whereas the capsules have no carnitine.

cheetah burn thermo capsules

Alpha Lion has also increased the amount of caffeine in the Cheetah Burn Thermo capsules to 300mg per maximum two-capsule serving, and added in the premium, patented weight loss ingredient InnoSlim.

Introductory deal

As mentioned, Alpha Lion’s two new Cheetah fat burners are now in stock and available for purchase through its online store at $49. If you act fast, you can get in on the brand’s introductory sale, where it’s offering 30% discount when buying both of the products together, which drops them to $68.60 in total or $34.30 each.