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Anabolic Warfare hits 2020 with a Mediator PA powered muscle builder

anabolic warfare project muscle

Project Muscle is the latest supplement from the team at Anabolic Warfare, who is well known for its stimulant pre-workout Stim Lord. Project Muscle is, of course, a muscle building product primarily powered by the anabolic compound phosphatidic acid, with the premium, patented Mediator version.

Anabolic Warfare has dosed Project Muscle’s main ingredient at 1.2g per day, which is broken up into 600mg per two-capsule serving, taken once before your workout, and then again at night. The brand has also included vanadyl sulfate in the supplement at 25mg, providing 5mg of vanadium.

Project Muscle promises to deliver a comprehensive combination of benefits such as increases in muscle strength, size, and recovery. You can grab Anabolic Warfare’s Mediator powered muscle builder starting this week from its website at $64.99, which will last 30 days, taking one serving, twice a day.