Australia’s TGA requires ATP Science to discontinue ten of its supplements

Jan 10th, 2020
atp science discontinued supplements

ATP Science has been required by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, also known as the TGA, to discontinue ten of its supplements. The list includes Alpha Mars, Alpha Venus, Alpha Prime, Subcut, Prototype 8, Block E3, AMP-V, Cort-RX, T432 Plus, and one of the brand’s 4 Pillars Of Health products in Resilience.

It is worth noting that ATP Science has only been required to discontinue the supplements mentioned above, in its home country of Australia, with nothing changing for international shoppers. Australian fans will notice when visiting, they’ll be redirected to a separate website that has the shorter list of supplements.

“The TGA contacted us that they believed our products were therapeutic in nature and therefore could no longer be sold under FSANZ or FSSF laws.” – ATP Science

atp science austl supplements

The good news for Australian fans of ATP Science is that since early 2019, the brand has been working on AUSTL registered supplements. Four of those are now available and similar to some of those discontinued items with the Alpha Mars-like Ares, Cort Rx-like Adrenal Rx, ZMST-like Z-Mag, and the Alpha Venus-like Venus E-Tox.

ATP Science may only have four AUSTL registered products on the market at the moment; however, many more are due to launch throughout the year. You can see the brand’s complete Australian lineup at, although as mentioned, nothing is changing for those of you outside of the country who shop through

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