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Bowmar’s third protein bar flavor is Iced Lemon and is due to arrive next week

bowmar iced lemon protein bar

Last year, around the time of the Mr. Olympia Expo, Bowmar Nutrition introduced the second-ever flavor of its protein bar with the colorful creation, Sugar Cookie. The brand’s first option for the protein-packed snack was Hot Chocolate Brownie, so it’s clear, Bowmar is no stranger to unique protein bar flavors.

Continuing on from that, Bowmar Nutrition has now announced the third option for its high-protein snack, and it is indeed another rather different kind of protein bar flavor. At the end of next week, on Friday, the brand plans on releasing an Iced Lemon Protein Bar, which certainly sounds like a unique experience.

Bowmar Nutrition’s upcoming product will provide 20g of protein per bar, just like the other two flavors, along with 5g of fiber and a total of 230 calories. When the Iced Lemon Protein Bar arrives on Friday of next week, it’ll cost you $34.99 for a box of 12 bars, working out to $2.91 each.