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Build Fast promises to make an old category new again with Eighty:20

build fast formula eighty 20

Build Fast Formula has revealed the name of its next new supplement, which it confirmed as coming soon yesterday with just a handful of details. The upcoming product that the brand says will make an old category new again is Eighty:20. We still don’t know what type of supplement it is, but the name certainly points us in a direction.

The name Eighty:20 is obviously in reference to the ratio 80:20. There are only really a few products that are promoted with those kinds of numbers, typically a protein or mass gainer. For proteins, it’s sometimes in relation to the percentage of protein sources such as 80% whey and 20% casein, and for gainers or even meal formulas, it can be the carbohydrate to protein ratio.

Our guess for the supplement is a protein powder, as it fits perfectly with Build Fast Formula’s promise to make an old category new again. While there are a few other possibilities, that is what we’re going with based on the current information. The brand is also moving quickly on this one and is looking like it will launch the mystery product later this month.

As previously confirmed, Build Fast Formula will be giving subscribers to its A-List the chance to get a free sample of the supplement before it becomes available. If you’re not already on that list, head over to the brand’s website and sign up using the form near the bottom.

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