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Cellucor and C4 Carbonated announce a big push in the UK market

c4 carbonated in the uk

Since arriving on the scene almost two years ago, Cellucor’s C4 Carbonated has gone from a fresh new energy drink to an undeniably strong competitor. The product initially launched in four flavors but now comes in nine different, two sizes, it won our Clash Of The Cans, and it can be found all across the country.

Something else Cellucor and C4 Carbonated have done very well with is international expansion, as the beverage is available all around the world. While the product is in a lot of countries, it’s not in all of them, and now, in the coming months, the brand is planning a big push into the UK starting with an event in London.

Cellucor is set to host an introductory C4 Carbonated event at WIT Training in the heart of London. It will involve meet and greets with some of the brand’s biggest athletes, including the fittest man on Earth Mat Fraser. There will also be workouts for attendees to participate in as well as Q&A opportunities.

Along with the announcement of its push into the UK, Cellucor has said it’s working on local manufacturing in Europe, which should lead to more efficient distribution within the major market.

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