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Next flavor of Campus Protein’s Fuel promises to be an industry first

campus protein fruit by the foot fuel

This coming Monday, Campus Protein is dropping another flavor of its own pre-workout, with the straightforward but tasty Fuel. The retailer has put together quite a number of creative flavors of the years, including the likes of White Frost, the Baja Blast Mountain Drew-like Baja Breeze, and the Starburst inspired Pink Burst.

The next new flavor of the pre-workout Fuel looks like it’s going to be yet another unique effort from Campus Protein, as the store is saying it’s an industry first. The brand has shared an intriguing teaser, which doesn’t really confirm anything, but hints at the product being some sort of Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit By The Foot themed flavor.

Once again, Campus Protein is looking to reveal and release its self-proclaimed industry-first flavor of Fuel, next week on Monday. As per usual, when the product does eventually arrive, the best place to get it will be the retailer’s online store over at, where Fuel costs $28.99 per tub.