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Cosmic Fruit and Haterade on the way for Black Magic’s reformulated pre-workout

cosmic burst haterade bzrk

The Newcomer Of The Year nominee for 2019, Black Magic, has announced it is coming out with two new tastes for its recently reformulated pre-workout BZRK. The brand updated the product not that long ago with one major change to its formula, in that it swapped out the stimulant DMHA for isopropylnorsynephrine.

Due to join Black Magic’s current four flavors of BZRK, which are Mango Sunrise, Lemon Razz Icy, Peach Rings, and Crystal Blue, are the slightly more creatively named tastes, Cosmic Burst and Haterade. They will both feature the supplement’s newer formula without DMHA, and are both due to hit the market later this month.