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All-new Extasis pre-workout launching next month from Stacker2 Europe

stacker2 extasis

Next month, Stacker2 Europe is coming out with an all-new stimulant pre-workout supplement that is going to be much heavier than anything else it currently has available. The upcoming product will not continue any of the brand’s current pre-workout names; instead, it’s introducing a new one with Extasis.

As mentioned, Stacker2 Europe’s Extasis is going to be a significantly heftier supplement compared to any of its other competitors. The product is 33% heavier per tub than the brand’s 2019 released Inferno Black, and it has a third fewer servings, meaning, the Extasis serving is twice that of Inferno at 20g each.

At the moment, we can only confirm one ingredient for Stacker2 Europe’s next pre-workout with the increasingly popular focus enhancing ingredient, EnXtra. With a serving size of 20g, there is obviously a lot more in the supplement, especially since EnXtra is usually dosed in a few hundred milligrams.

Once again, Stacker2 Europe plans on launching Extasis sometime next month, of course, over in Europe, with two flavor options to choose from in Fruit Punch and Tropical.