Foodspring’s protein-packed spread now comes with two flavors in a jar

Jan 13th, 2020
foodspring protein cream duo

Foodspring is a hugely popular supplement and food company out of Germany that makes protein powders, aminos, convenient snacks and drinks, and many more types of products. The brand has now released another option of its protein-infused spread Protein Cream, which features a unique and colorful twist.

The newest product from Foodspring is a two-color Protein Cream with one side brown and the other side white. Each side is, of course, a different flavor with the brown being a chocolate hazelnut and the white a milky cream.

Foodspring’s new Protein Cream Duo comes with a protein percentage of 21% thanks to its inclusion of whey concentrate. That works out to 6.3g of protein in a 30g serving with its other important nutrition numbers being 9.9g of carbohydrates, only 2.1g of sugar, 11 and a half grams of fat, for a total of 159 calories.

The tasty two-flavor Protein Cream Duo is now available for purchase from the German brand’s online store for the same price as the product’s other two tastes in Hazelnut and Cocos Crisp. You can grab a single 200g jar for €4.99 (5.55 USD) or six for the slightly more cost-effective price of €4.66 (5.18 USD).