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Gainomax gears up to announce a new protein bar or protein bar flavor

gainomax new protein bar or flavor

In a little less than two weeks, Gainomax is coming out with either an all-new protein bar or another flavor of one of its already available protein bars. The Sweden-based brand, which is the home country of a number of top functional companies, has started teasing a bar-shaped product due to be revealed on the 27th of this month.

As mentioned, the upcoming Gainomax product is either going to be an all-new protein bar, or another flavor for its regular Protein Bar or no added sugar Twin Protein Bar. We’re guessing it is another flavor as the brand does already have two bars available, and neither of them has a whole lot of flavors with six for the regular and four for the twin.

Whatever Gainomax’s next new product turns out to be, we have to imagine it’s going to be something interesting as it is obviously important enough to be teased. Once again, the brand is set to announce the mystery protein bar or protein bar flavor in a little less than two weeks on Monday the 27th of this month.

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