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GIFD introduces Intrapost-HP featuring the same formula as Perfect Post Elite

gifd labs intrapost hp

Jerry Ward’s supplement brand GIFD Labs recently announced that it’d be launching a hybrid intra-workout and post-workout formula called Intrapost-HP. The idea is that it’s a product that fans can use both during and after their workouts to support recovery, muscle protein synthesis, and muscle growth.

It turns out, or at least based on the facts panel GIFD Labs is listing, Intrapost-HP is actually a renamed version of the brand’s own Perfect Post Elite. It features the same combination of ingredients with a blend of EAAs, glycerol, phosphatidylserine, glutamine, and the carbohydrates maltodextrin and Cluster Dextrin.

The facts panel of Intrapost-HP lists every ingredient in the same order, with all of the same nutrition numbers and blend weight. The only clear difference is that GIFD Labs is promoting Intrapost-HP as a supplement for use during and after your workout, whereas Perfect Post Elite was marketed solely as a post-workout.

GIFD Labs has made its new, or newly named Intrapost-HP, available for purchase through its website, where Perfect Post Elite is listed as out of stock. The price on the brand’s latest product is the same as Perfect Post at $39 for the same amount of servings at 20 per tub.