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HI-Gear launches its first hybrid product combining fat loss and pre-workout

hi gear overdrive

HI-Gear Supplements has dropped its all-new hybrid product Overdrive this week, which is the combination of a pre-workout and weight loss formula. The brand has packed the supplement with ingredients for both types, with a handful for pre-workout type benefits then a couple to take care of the fat loss side of things.

While HI-Gear’s newest product is a hybrid, the formula behind it is fairly short and sweet, with just seven different ingredients in total. To support weight loss as well as increase energy, Overdrive from HI-Gear comes with two features in 1.5g of carnitine tartrate for the former and caffeine at a solid 400mg for the latter.

hi gear overdrive

The rest of the ingredients HI-Gear has brought together in Overdrive are for its pre-workout promises, including a gram of tyrosine and 600mg of alpha-GPC to improve focus. Rounding out the formula are three more features for pumps and performance with 6g of citrulline malate, 2g of taurine, and 3.2g of beta-alanine.

You can grab HI-Gear’s fourth supplement overall starting this week from its online store at $44.99 for a 20, full serving tub. At the moment, the Hawaiian brand’s latest product comes in only the one flavor option named Arctic Ice, which is a blue raspberry recipe.