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Hydrapharm’s first new product for the year is the exclusive sleep aid

hydrapharm revival

Hydrapharm has launched an exclusive new supplement in the UK through its retail partner Predator Nutrition. The release is the nighttime, sleep support product Revival that has a regular price at Predator of £39.98. For a limited time, however, the store is offering 10% off with the code “REVIVIAL”, which drops the supplement to £35.98.

The latest product from Hydrapharm wraps up all five of its main ingredients in a 1.326g non-transparent proprietary blend. The brand has packed Revival with valerian root, theanine, safranal, 5-HTP, magnesium bisglycinate, emoxypine, and an ingredient that is said to be ten times more potent than regular melatonin with 2-bromomelatonin.

The benefits from the somewhat different kind of sleep formula Hydrapharm has brought together for Revival include improved mood, better deep sleep, and naturally increased growth hormone. The brand also says its nighttime supplement is relatively fast-acting, although it still recommends taking it the usual 30 minutes before bed.

As mentioned earlier, Hydrapharm’s Revival is now available exclusively through Predator Nutrition in the UK, and with a 10% off sale that is ending within the next day or so.