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Your Whey set to hit the market soon with a flavor-focused protein powder

your whey

In the coming months, the all-new protein brand Your Whey, will be hitting the market with a delicious and flavor focused protein powder. The supplement is going to be packaged in an attractive, eye-catching gold-lid tub, and right out of the gate, it will be available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors.

Your Whey’s protein powder is going to have five flavors to start in Cookie Dough, Strawberry Creme, Cinnamon Bun, Salted Caramel, and Birthday Cake. While that lineup is quite strong for a newcomer, the brand has said more flavors will follow later in the year, including something for chocolate lovers with Brownie.

your whey

Even though Your Whey is putting a heavy focus on the flavor experience of its protein powder, it’s not cutting any corners regarding its formula. Per serving, the product will provide 26g of protein, all from high-quality whey isolate, a low amount of sugar and fat, and around 127 calories with a total of 35 servings per tub.

While a protein powder is the supplement it’s launching with, Your Whey is a protein specializing brand and already has other protein releases in the works. One of those products is an on-the-go protein RTD, and just like the brand’s original protein powder, the shake will also have a strong focus on delivering great flavors.

your whey

Once again, Your Whey is due to hit the market sometime within the first quarter of the year, so between now and the end of March. It is currently in talks with major distributors in several regions, so when it does eventually arrive, it will be available in multiple countries with the UK and Australia already confirmed.