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Tim Muriello is releasing another stim pre-workout separate from Spazmatic

lower stim spazmatic pre-workout

Tim Muriello’s brand currently competes in several major supplement categories, including pre-workout, which was actually the first area of the market Muriello tackled with Spazmatic. The brand does also have the pre-workout Jurassic Pump available, however that one is stimulant free and geared more towards boosting pumps.

In three weeks from now, which is around early February, Tim Muriello is coming out with another stimulant pre-workout, similar to Spazmatic, but different. Muriello is keeping details on the mystery new product secret, without even confirming its name, although it has said it would be a lower stimulant formula compared to Spazmatic.

Muriello’s second, yet-to-be-named stimulant pre-workout is described as being “totally separate” from Spazmatic, so we suspect there will be more to it than just lower stims. Once again, all is set to revealed in three weeks, somewhere around the end of this month to early February.

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