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Latest amino supplement from MST Nutrition led by 8g of BCAAs

mst nutrition bcaa essential professional

The European brand MST Nutrition, which we haven’t seen anything new from since August of last year, has unveiled a new amino competitor this month with BCAA Essential Professional. As per its title, the supplement features a BCAA powered formula, although there are a few other things in it.

Alongside the BCAAs in MST Nutrition’s BCAA Essential Professional, which are dosed at 8g per serving, is glutamine at 2.5g and citrulline malate at a light 1g. The product also comes in a nice variety of flavors with four to choose from in Blue Raspberry, Mango, Watermelon, and Strawberry Kiwi.

By the sounds of things, BCAA Essential Professional is now available to order from MST Nutrition, with its retail partners likely to start stocking it soon if not already.