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Muscle Addiction’s upcoming Pump Addict promises to be extremely potent

muscle addiction pump addict

To start the New Year, the brightly branded and growing Muscle Addiction announced that it has two more mainstream type supplements launching sometime in 2020. Today we’ve got the first look at one of those more common category products, introducing the stimulant powered pre-workout Pump Addict.

Based on the image Muscle Addiction has shared, we can see that Pump Addict will indeed be a well-rounded, comprehensive pre-workout. While we can’t confirm any of its ingredients or dosages just yet, the supplement’s preview reveals it’s formulated for increased energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and endurance.

Something else that’s worth highlighting for Muscle Addiction’s upcoming Pump Addict is that it promises to be an “extremely potent” experience. When a pre-workout includes something like that, it typically means it is more of a heavy stimulant product, so there is a good chance this one packs quite a punch.

More information on Muscle Addiction’s Pump Addict is due to be shared within the next couple of weeks, as the supplement itself is launching in the two weeks of February. We can also confirm the pre-workout’s size and flavors with 20 full servings per tub, in Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Candy Explosion flavors.